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Jan. 6th, 2011


Portal MMORPG Games

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Sep. 30th, 2009


Rant!!! ... about myself o.O

If I look at what I did in WoW since I started playing I see a pattern:

rant behind the cutCollapse )

Sorry, just wanted to vent...

Oops, I thought I had posted this in WoW ladies, not WoW healers. Sorry if a chunk of it seemed irrelevant to the community. :o)

Jul. 10th, 2009



[A] Ner'zhul - - LF a bunch of healers, mage - Casual Raiding

Shadow Prophecy on Ner'zhul is slowly trying to build up a core group of raiders once again to raid Ulduar 10/25 and, to a lesser extent, Naxx 25 once again.

SP was a fairly strong raiding guild in BC-era, but since WotLK has lost a large percentage of membership due to puggability and just generally losing players due to RL stuff.

These days, SP focuses on casual raiding- currently 1-2 nights a week are aimed at Ulduar-10, and we've recently teamed up with another guild to run Ulduar-25 2 nights of the week. The rest of the week there are often random VoA, OS, and Naxx10/25 runs that occur either within the guild or with a bunch of the members from the guild, but sadly we've been barely able to keep our Ulduar-10 team afloat due to losing players to the dooms of the real world.

We really need healers- in particular at least 1 Discipline Priest, a few Holy Priests, Resto Shamans, and at least 1 Resto Druid. We're also in desparate need of at least 1 Mage who's actually willing to come to raids on a fairly regular basis.

Gear isn't a huge importance- first and foremost be a chill person who's not an elitist lootwhore and thinks they're above all else. We enjoy raiding and getting stuff done, but we are not one for the dramaz, and in the end are really looking for people who can fit in with the group as a whole. Attitude and personality are our major concerns. We'd prefer 18+ years of age, since Vent and occasionally guild chat can get a bit raunchy and most of our guild is 20+ years old (we even have a pair of grandparents who raid with us!), but if you're mature, exceptions can be made.

Raid times are (on average) 6:30-10/11pm server (PST). Raid days are (mostly) Wednesday for Ulduar-10, Thursday and Monday for Ulduar-25, and occasional Fridays for Ulduar-10. Naxx runs typically happen over the weekend on a less frequent, laid-back basis. Loot is determined by loot council at the moment- the officers try to be as fair as possible when distributing drops.

If you're still reading, and think we might be a good fit for you, hop on over to our website and drop an app: http://www.demonslair.com/sp Or, if you happen to actually be *on* Ner'zhul, don't hesitate to shoot a whisper to one of the officers- Monita/Kuroiraikou, Myna/Anorn, Kadgarion/Atara, or Tycho. There's currently two Class Leads who also function as pseudo-officers, if none of the above are online- myself (Binya), and Shir. Make sure you tell them that you heard about them from me (Binya). :3

Sorry for the zomgwall o' text. I'm a wordy bitch. :

Dec. 13th, 2008



[H] looking for guild

I'm looking for a mature guild on Kirin tor with family values and a casual attitude towards raiding. I’m a military brat, female, 54 and a semi-retired Catholic school teacher who tutors. I live in AZ. 7 to 11 server time would be best. I have played as a spriest for over a year, switched to healing as holy a couple of months ago and enjoy it a lot. I can raid Tuesday and Thursday evenings and would like to see 10 man progressions. I enjoy the crafting professions and like to use my alts to contribute to the guild. If you are interested please drop me a tell, reply here or send me an in game mail. Thanks!

Oct. 24th, 2008





The Shattrath Flask of Blinding Light still says that it increases Arcane, Holy, and Nature damage. The regular Flask of Blinding Light says spell power... so is the Shattrath one also good for healing or what?

I'm so confused.

Aug. 7th, 2008


Healing in BGs

I just went to AV for the first time at 60, as I started it I thought there has to be a better way to try to heal 40 other people. I set the UI to display health bars above allies, but this is at the sacrifice of displaying those bars on hostiles and I don't like that.

Jul. 13th, 2008



Not another intro! D:


i'm Peredhel (Sentinels US, Horde side) and i grew up as an enhance shammy. just recently my friend asked if i would consider healing, and when i said no, she proceeded to badger me about it until i said, ".. well, I HAVE wanted to try healing.." and as soon as i said that she ordered me to go get the PvP rep blues for healies.

she even helped me get a shield, gems, and a weapon - all before my first healie instance, Underbog.

that was fun. no one died, but still. >.> my friend is also a healer for the guild's Karazhan runs. one day..!

so, there i am. respeccing is becoming evil on my coin purse, but yay dailies while enhance.

nice t'meetchu all!




I have been playing WoW since Beta, and have been raiding since Pre-BC. I am a Horde girl for life with my long time Shaman. I was co-leader and healing coordinater of a AQ40/Naxx guild Pre-BC on my Shaman. Since BC I have raided on my shaman using the hack that is Chain Heal and killed Illidan. I got bored of healing on my Shaman, and switched it up to Elemental. I have a 70 Priest who heals in Karazhan and ZA and is much more fun to heal on than my Shammy. I've healed in every instance there is, I've played every healing class there is, though most of my experience is with my Shaman and Priest. If anyone needs tips, i've definitely got them :) I currently am an officer in a new guild on my server called ,Social Life>. We are trying to form a nice friendly community, so come on by and chat with us on our forums :) http://sociallifegaming.com And again, feel free to ask me for healing tips :) It looks like a lot of the more recent introductions are from people just starting Kara, which is great ^_^ I love seeing new people start raiding and healing!


Healing / Raid UI

Okay, my interface is starting to bother me. So i need some suggestions!

My 70 holy priest has just starting running kara, and gruuls. The only addon i really have is omen (which is borken. o_O) and healbot... I love healbot, but for 25 people raids, it gets a little to much to keep track off.

So, what would you all suggest for a raid UI and any other addons that can help out a priest healer?

Thanks in advance <3!!

x.posted @ wow ladies.

Jul. 8th, 2008



My friends call me crazy because I have...

Kobieta [70 resto druid]
Mariize [70 holy priest, currently shadow to help a friend]
Roisin [70 holy paladin]
and Ceci [70 shaman, usually enhancement but I have a difficult time resisting the temptation to respec her resto]

all on Magtheridon (US-PvP), Alliance-side. Strangers give me funny comments when I volunteer to bring several other types of healers instead ^_^;;

I can't really get into DPSing (aside from sometimes with the shaman) in the post-BC world (I raided as a warlock through Naxx pre-BC), and tanking is really not for me, so I've leveled every possible kind of healer to try them all out! The druid is my personal favorite healer and paladin the least favorite, but they all have their strong points that make them fun to play.

I raided as a resto druid through RoS in Black Temple; I quit around 10 months ago due to burnout, raid boredom, and real life.

I heal without mods with the exception of xperl because I can't stand how Blizzard's bars look.

My ultimate goal in the game is to get some character of mine a hat that looks like the T6 priest helm (probably going to end up getting s3 pvp for my priest) and to complete my draenei priest's pre-BC armor sets (currently at 7/8 Prophecy, 4/8 Transcendence, Benediction :D)

Nice to meet you all!

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